Dear Students and parents
Please find some apps to support our personal wellbeing programme. There are some fun activities.that you can engage with your friends and family.

Since kids of different ages have different developmental needs in social emotional skills, so we listed the apps by age groups. For more information on each app, please click on the app title.

Apps for Younger Kids Recognizing Emotions

ABA Flash Card Emotions : for younger kids, a critical step in emotional well being is the ability to recognize the emotions and articulate the feeling when experiencing it. This app showing pictures of different emotions and associate the word with the faces. Kids learn intuitively what different emotions are.

iLearnWith Poko: Emotions : help young children learn about emotions by showing them short videos and kids identify the emotions the characters were experiencing. When kids have good mastering of different emotions, they are asked to provide solutions to make those characters feel good.

Avokiddo Emotions : a fun app letting kids explore different emotions and facial expressions while interacting with 3 highly responsive animals. Each animal has a different personality. Kids learn to recognize feelings and emotions by interacting with the animals. A great tool for kids who cannot read or speak well.

Daniel Tiger’s Grr-ific Feelings : A great app from PBS Kids, it offers various activities to help kids put names to their feelings and begins a discussion about strategies to handle them. Those helpful songs will stick with kids for a long time.

Apps for Older Kids Developing Social and Emotional Skills

FeelElectric : designed by PBS helping kids learn emotion recognizing skills, gain vocabulary describing emotions and feelings, all through fun games. All characters in the app are from the popular PBS show The Electric Company.close

IF : A role playing game app aiming at tween and teens, teaching the essential social emotional skills. Kids enter the virtual world of Greenberry, help rebuild the community, interact with various characters, and learn social skills, such as sharing responsibilities, calming down after unhappy encounters. The whole curriculum is built in the game setting and fully individualized based on players choices of actions.Be confident in who you are : a comic book for tween and teens addressing common concerns for this age group: self-consciousness, stress, bullying, fitting in, body image, and sticky issues in friendships. All these issues are presented in story setting in an age appropriate manner.

Real Friends vs. The Other Kind : another comic book app address friendship among middle school age kids. What does real friend mean? What to do when friends are doing something you don’t like? The app also has short quizzes asking kids what to do in different scenarios, all are real life scenarios. Highly recommend middle school and high school kids do the exercise.

TeenSphere : an app for teens to access help and consulting to sensitive and challenging questions they face in everyday life, like “I feel sad”. The app provides professional yet personal help, help teenage kids understand why they feel that way, if necessary when and where to get help.

Positive Penguin : offers solutions on how to control emotions and feel more positive. The app offers step-to-step guide for kids to express how they feel and how to turn negative emotions into positive feelings.

For more social skills resources, please visit Resources and Activity Ideas for Kids to Learn Social Skills.

Kindest Regards

Dr Funke Baffour-Awuah