Dear Parents,
The past academic year was a year of amazing discoveries, plotting a new learning curve and constantly working to plan for the unknown. Virtual learning coupled with the return of students for face to face learning amid COVID protocols has changed the landscape of device requirements essential for learning. Use of appropriate devices as tools, right pedagogical approach and responsible use of these tools can serve students to pursue their interests in academic disciplines and beyond.
Based on the lessons learnt during virtual learning and face to face learning amid COVID protocols, the following observations with regards to devices were made:
1. A combination of a laptop and a tablet provides for an optimal learning experience because no one device fulfills all the requirements of a learner. As an example, a) Tablet applications of
collaborative tools like Google Docs, Sheets, etc provide limited functionality on tablets in comparison to laptops.
b) Some functions like taking notes, pictures, etc work better with tablets c) Laptop keyboards are ideal for developing typing skills.
2. In the case of the use of multiple devices, using devices from the same ecosystem is best. As an example, students using Apple laptops should opt for Apple tablets.
3. In case, only tablets are used, an electronic stylus and keyboard are a must.
4. Choice of the type of device laptop/tablet is based on the individual skill set of students. As an example, some students are more adept at using tablets with keyboards while others are more comfortable using a laptop keyboard.
5. Based on research, Apple products provide the best device management options to ensure the appropriateness of content being accessed alongside ease of use for the end-user.
6. Device specifications are key in ensuring that learning is engaging and an enjoyable experience as opposed to a demoralising experience.
Keeping the above in mind, please find the link to the 21/22 Device Guide. If you have any questions, please ask.
Thank you,