ARIS and the Enhanced PYP

We are in the process of introducing the ‘Enhanced PYP’ to our Curriculum and Framework at ARIS PYP Campus, says Mme Sandeepa, our passionate PYP Coordinator!

The Enhanced PYP is a new Model of the PYP that is organized to the Learner, Learning and Teaching and the Teaching and Learning Community. The center of this Model is Agency.

This is more empowering and better for the students, and as Mme. Sandeepa says, from the implementing point of view, it’s more flexible and easier for schools as a way of teaching and learning and transition. As she speaks more about Agency, it is applicable to all 3, as afore mentioned – the Learner, Learning and Teaching and the Learning Community, and not restricted to the learner inside the classroom. “There is Voice, Choice, and Ownership of Learning in Agency.”

Enhanced PYP has also merged the IB Learner Profiles and Attitudes together to come under the umbrella of the “IB Learner Profiles”. This change is more inclined and equipped to challenge students and build for the future, as the world around us changes as we speak!

If we go more localized, the Enhanced PYP also brings substantial changes into the Lesson Plans as well. The Lesson Plans, from the Teacher’s point of view, is easier as they have the freedom, and agency to alter and change their lesson plans according to the needs of their students, the student community and the school community and culture as a whole. It is much more adaptable.

The Exhibition, which is known as the Capstone of the PYP, has also been flexible to be done under the PoI Matrix.

We will also be undergoing a gradual transition into the Enhanced PYP, and our School Community is working on it, as we speak!

Stay tuned for updates.