We know that kids get very excited about sharing birthdays with their friends.
If you would like your ward (s) to share their special day at ARIS, you may send in
  • Un-frosted cupcake (1 per child)
  • Juice box (1 per child)

The items must be dropped off to the Admin in the morning, before the break. Items will not be accepted after 12 noon. 

  • Parents, goodies bags, cake, clowns, ponies, limousine, fireworks, photographers, balloons, etc. are not allowed
  • whole cakes, frosted cupcakes, candy, party bags, etc. will be returned to the parents, or enjoyed by the Admin Team;).
  • If you would like to invite select kids in your ward’s class to your house for a formal birthday party, you may hand the invitations out to select parents in the security area.
  • If you would like to invite the whole class, the class teacher can send the invites home in the daily communicator.
  • Admin can provide you with the number of boys/girls in the class, no phone numbers or emails.