Dear Parents,
First of all let me begin by saying welcome forward to all our early years, primary and middle school students. Today we begin officially our distance learning classes following 10 days of orientation and meetings with the ARIS team and faculty. We are here available to support all your concerns and inquiries so please reach out to us at all times. As I said previously, no question or concern is too small when it comes to your wards and their education. 
Following President Nana Akufo-Addo’s address to the nation yesterday night, it is now clear to us that schools will reopen their campuses in January 2021, except for Year 13 and 11 classes who can resume classes. In his address, nothing has been mentioned about International Schools and the fact that international schools do not follow the same calendar as public schools. International Baccalaureate-IB DP, CP and MYP exams are expected to take place in November and May as always and as such it is impossible for international schools to change their calendars. 
As you all know, I have been voted as a member of the Council of International Schools in Ghana (AsICS-Ghana), and as an Association we are currently in discussions with the Ministry of Education and the President’s office to understand how these decisions apply to International Schools. We should get back to you within the coming weeks with more information and clarifications. 
Until then we would like to highlight the following:
  • We will deliberately use from now on the term “Remote Learning” rather than technology-specific labels as “virtual’ or ”online”. This choice reflects our conviction that quality learning can occur at a remote location without solely relying on computers and devices.  We want our students to engage in virtual and authentic learning experiences while continuing to be physically active. 
  • Remote Learning is real school. Classroom expectations remain the same and we are working hard to develop meaningful and engaging learning regardless of the modalities we find ourselves in.
  • We are steadfastly committed to our motto to “Inspire, Empower, and Transform”, and this shapes how we approach our planning in remote learning. It is important that we stay grounded in who we are and what we value as we move ahead. 
  • We acknowledge that our ability to support and connect to students in a remote environment looks different but our commitment and support mechanisms are still in place.
  • Our focus remains the health and wellbeing of our student, staff and faculty and as such we ask you to always reach out to us. 
Yours in learning always,
Dr Fatma Odaymat