ARIS EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Requirement Form

Dear ARIS parent(s) your current enrolment contract with ARIS does not give us the legal authority under EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to process you and your child(ren)s personal data. We would like you to take a minute to give us your explicit consent.

GDPR Consent Form
We humbly request you to understand that clicking “No” or not giving consent to any of the options would mean that we would have to legally refrain your child(ren) from participating in school activities such as – on stage performances, classroom activities, field trips, foreign trips, certain school clubs, extra-curricular activities, class pictures, yearbook, ID Card and more. Please understand that any and all Personal Data that we collect and hold of your child is used for Professional purposes ONLY. As you can see, the lack of consent will heavily be an obstruction for us to be able to perform our duties perfectly as a school, and to your child’s experience at ARIS.

Thank you,

ARIS Administration