Dear Parents,
As we get closer to kicking off the 2020/21 academic session we would like to give you some information on our device policies that will make your online, face to face, and blended learning experience with ARIS successful. Please take a moment to read the information below, if you have any questions, please ask.
Stay safe,
For over three years now, the mode of teaching and learning at the Secondary school at ARIS has been a Blended Learning environment. A Blended learning environment is an integration between learning using online Ed-tech tools and face to face learning. It is imperative in such an environment that students have a device that facilitates online learning. With the onset of the COVID19 pandemic, learning in the last semester was taken online (virtual) for both the secondary as well as primary school. In light of this significant shift to virtual learning across all programmes at ARIS, all students at ARIS are required to have a device to facilitate learning.
During the virtual learning phase in the last semester, the school provided tablets proved to be a huge success in secondary as their specs were compatible with all the online learning tools used by the school. The salient feature of this device is the EMR display which allows students to use the electronic stylus for easy note taking, annotation and use with Ed-tech tools.
The screen size allowed for good visibility and the battery size is sufficient to be used throughout the day in school. It is ideal for use with the G-Suite for Education and most of our primary students used their older siblings devices for virtual learning for tasks where their own tablets did not work. We highly recommend primary parents to buy the school provided tablet to avoid incompatibility issues with online learning tools and to avoid a second purchase when the students move to Year 7.
The school’s policy on these devices is as follows:
Students in EY and PYP section can do either of the following:
a) BYOD (Bring Your Own Device): Students under this category are allowed to bring their own devices from home as long as they meet the criteria for the following minimum specs:
     – All tablets must have an electronic stylus compatible with the make of your tablet
     – 9.5″ minimum screen size
     – 3 GB minimum RAM
     – 32 GB internal storage
     – 5MP rear camera
     – Battery – 6500 MAh
     – All screens must have screen protectors and tablet covers
All such devices will have to be registered in the school network.
b) Buy from School:
    Alternately, you can buy the tablet from the school which is a higher configuration than the one above.
1. School provided tablets will be sold to all NEW students from MYP1 – MYP5 once the School Device Policy has been signed by them. Returning students will continue to use their existing school tablets.
2. The tablets will come configured with their accounts.
3. The tablets will come registered on the school network.
 1. All DP students are required to have a laptop and come under the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) category. The minimum specs for the laptops are as follows:
    – Minimum 8 GB RAM
    – Operating System:
             Windows 10 in case you are using Windows Based System
             Mac OS Catalina 10.15
    – Display Size: As per the user’s preference
    – Licensed Antivirus
    – All devices will have to be registered on the school network.
A detailed email with the information on the registration process, new tablet pickup and school’s Ed-Tech tools will be sent in the first week of August.