Dear Parents,

We trust you are enjoying the summer break with your wards and deservedly so after the mighty chaos thrust upon the world with the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic.

As we plan towards the school reopening, the uncertain times require us to go through an extra process of gathering information to identify our high risk students (families) and to take into consideration your preference for sending your ward to school for face to face learning. This will enable us to prepare our premises based on our community’s needs, requirements and choices.

Please keep the following points in mind before making a decision on your ward’s return to school:

1. Calendar dates for student’s return to face to face learning will depend on government’s school reopening plan.
2. Our priority will be foundation students and students whose guardians are working parents.
3. Please take note of the following factors which make a student qualify as a high risk person and hence make virtual learning a more suitable form of learning for them:
a) Students suffering from any medical conditions like asthma, diabetes, etc.
b) Students who share living spaces with the elderly.
c) Students who use public transportation to commute to school.
d) Students whose guardian’s jobs require them to travel abroad often.
4. In case you choose the option for online learning, you will be committing to 1 full semester of online learning. Depending on the COVID19 cases and government mandate, we will re-survey all parents in the month of October.

Survey Link: ARIS Reopening Choice Survey 

We would appreciate it if you could respond to this form before Thursday, 30th July 2020. Please contact [email protected] for any questions or queries.