Are you tired of the black & navy blue uniform shoes? Do you want to add some color to your day? If you answered yes, we have the solution for you! New G-SOLES by Gutta Soles will be acceptable uniform footwear.

You can bring in your old “Converse” or “Vans” style shoes and they will change the fabric to a vibrant print or they can provide the recycled shoe sole and add whatever new fabric print you want! Yes, you can choose your prepacked fabric color bag and get started.

G-SOLES is the latest addition to the GUTTA SOLES family of fashionable ethical footwear.

G-SOLES, designed by GUTTA SOLES‘ lead designer Fatal (Fatal Fashions), are repurposed shoes made from recycled fabrics on the upper and interior of the shoe.

With this line, we have found a constructive way to reduce the waste of old shoes, and give our customers a moderately priced alternative to our original custom GUTTA SOLES collections.

We are proud to offer our quality and creativity and hope to give more customers the opportunity to experience our green fashion.

This is a great initiative and we encourage parents to come and take a look at the endless possibilities. ARIS will only accept G-SOLES logo shoes to be worn in place of the black or navy blue uniform required shoes.

G-SOLES will have a stand set up all this week, come over and get a pair for the whole family! Bring your own shoes or chose one of theirs. We look forward to this partnership with GUTTA SOLES, students will participate in workshops to learn how to up-cycle shoes from scrap fabrics.

Special ARIS Prices:

Up-Cycled G Sole (they provide the sole)
Size 26-36: $50
Size 37-43: $65

Recycled G Sole (you provide the sole)
All sizes: $35