For the health and safety of your wards, I would like to remind you about the ARIS Security ID Card Policy & Procedure, along with the parent/caregiver Code of Conduct.

  • All persons must adhere to the instructions given by the ARIS Security Guards.
  • All persons are required to have the ARIS Parent/Driver/Nanny Security ID Card on and visible (around neck) to enter either ARIS campus.
  • Vehicle security window stickers are required to enter the secondary campus, parking lot.
  • All pupils in classes 1-6 must walk from the inner security gate 2 (by administration) to their classrooms, parents/drivers/caregivers will not be permitted beyond gate 2, unless you have an appointment.
  • All incidents involving ARIS staff (security, teachers, attendants etc.) should be reported immediately to the administration. 


When approaching the campus from the main road please do not block the small traffic circle that allows cars to enter and exit easily.

We ask that you proceed to the end of the road, passing the main gate on your left and make a U-turn, pulling up in front of the yellow barricades – safe drop-off zone.

If you wish to park and walk your ward to the inside gate, please follow the security personnel’s instructions. We realize with the increase in pupil population, the pick-up/drop off has become congested. Anyone in violation of these rules will be reported to the ARIS Director, Dr. Fatma Odaymat.


We would like to remind all parents about the code of conduct. At no time should any parent, driver, nanny, ARIS staff, use any type of foul language, or aggressive behavior while in the car park or on school campus.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns or questions.


Thank you,


Dayna Toutoungi