Summary of the MYP SA Program at ARIS


  1. All MYP Students will be assigned a Service Action (SA), Advisor.
  2. Students start by doing a personal inventory: passions/interests, skills (things people are good at through the learning process), talents (inborn things people are good at). In addition to students reflecting on this personally, we have classmates share what they believe are skills and talents for each other.
  3. Students are introduced to the 5 Stages of Service Learning (Investigation/Research, Preparation/Planning, Action, Reflection, Demonstration/Communication – not only are they given a summary, but each class has the opportunity to be involved in activities and discussions to help them understand the 5 stages.
  4. Students are introduced to the 4 types of Service (Direct, Indirect, Research & Advocacy) with a discussion and activities to help students understand each type.
  5. In each MYP Subject Group in each MYP Year Level, at least one academic unit will include a Service as Action component. Teachers are encouraged to have the students use the 5 stages of Service Learning for Unit Service as Action Projects.
  6. In addition to Service Learning embedded in the curriculum, ARIS will offer Wednesday After-School Service Trips to allow students to engage with Community Members; Wednesday Service Projects are developed with the Communities we work with and by ARIS MYP and DP students.
  7. Some of the co-curricular activities can count as part of the SA profile for MYP students, as long as they are actively engaged in service during the activity.
  8. Students may propose additional service projects for Saturday or holiday experiences using the MYP SA Project Proposal form. This form must be submitted via Google Docs to their SA Advisor and the SA Coordinator for approval at least 6 weeks prior to the proposed SA event.
  9. SA Advisors will meet with and monitor MYP student SA progress.
  10. MYP students will maintain a record of their SA (both in Academic Classes and as part of the co-curricular program) on ManageBac.
  11. MYP students will do authentic reflections after a SA experience or event on ManageBac.
  12. All MYP students must participate in at least 2 Wednesday or Saturday SA Experiences per semester.