Do you want to start a club at ARIS? If we don’t offer a particular club or group that you’re interested in, starting your own is a great way to meet new people and spend time doing something you enjoy. You’ll also get leadership experience that can help strengthen your CAS, resume and college applications.

Before a new club may be formed, a school staff member must be willing to accept the following responsibilities:

  • Be present at all club meetings and sponsored activities.
  • Approve all notices concerning activities.
  • Account for all money through the Finance Department (if fee required).
  • Approve all activities and submit activities that will take place on ARIS campus to Student Council for initial approval. If the Student Council supports the activity, the proposal will be submitted to the appropriate administrator for final approval.
  • Student Council will notify the club advisor concerning approval status.
  • Encourage member involvement.
  • A staff member should not agree to sponsor a new club unless he/she has the time and commitment to help make the group become a viable and long-lasting one that benefits the students, school, and/or the community.

Club Expectations: Clubs preferably meet during the co-curricular time from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm, however, you can also meet at lunch.

Clubs must have the sponsor present at all meetings and club-sponsored activities.

Club approval is for one year only. Clubs must submit a renewal application for the next school year at the end of the current school year. Student-initiated clubs must meet in January with Student Council for a mid-year review and share required artifacts.

The roster must include member’s name, student ID, grade level, position in the club. Name of the chapter, For example, first lego league or World Cube Association, Ghana chapter


Clubs must have

1 student leader

1 club adult advisor

6 total members (including the club leader)


Clubs upon approval must abide by all ARIS, and state laws regarding extracurricular activities.

I have a
You must have a club student leader and an adult advisor to submit this application.
Club Advisor is an ARIS
Club purpose
Check list for New ARIS Club
Roster must include: members name, student ID, grade level, position in club. Name of chapter, For example: first lego league or World Cube Association, Ghana chapter
The Club will have these positions
Clubs must have 1 student leader 1 club adult advisor 6 total members (including the club leader)
One of the best and most common reasons for starting or joining a club is because it allows you to pursue an activity you enjoy, whether that’s Ultimate Frisbee, baking, or something else. Clubs allow you to practice this hobby, learn more, and get better at it. If ARIS doesn’t offer a club for the activity or interest you want, then starting your own club will allow you to continue to enjoy this hobby.
New club members (check only 1)
Would this club participate in local, national competitions?
for example World Cube Association (WCA) World Chess Federation
Example: Toutoungi, Dayna, 12, member