Dear Parents,

This form is for those of you who know you are leaving ARIS and you need transfer letters and reports.

The Exits are processed on a first come, first-served basis. The process takes 10 working days. In order for us to provide you with the necessary transcript of results, transfer letters, testimonials, and references, please ensure that you leave everything in good order.


STEP 1     Complete and submit the ARIS Exit Clearance Form below (Parent/Student)

  • Please return all school resources to the Librarian. Any lost/damaged resources will be invoiced and payment must be settled immediately with the Accounts Department
  • Surrender the ARIS Security ID Cards (the whole family)
  • Following the instructions, complete the Exit Clearance Form and obtain signatures of

▫ Librarian                 ▫ Accounts Department                           ▫ Homeroom Teacher            ▫ Head of School

  • Submit the completed Exit Clearance form to the Administration
  • No reports, results, transcripts, recommendations or references will be issued until the above steps have been completed

STEP 2     Exit Clearance Notification (Administration, Faculty)

  • The ARIS Administration notifies the Faculty of the student’s withdrawal (email)
  • Faculty and Administrative personnel update school records accordingly
  • Head of School issues the requests for the Official Transcript ( IT Department) and the Transfer Letter (to Admissions Manager)
  • Processing of the Transcript and Transfer Letter takes 10 school days maximum



STEP 3     Official Transcript and Transfer Letter (HOS, Admissions Manager, Parent/Guardian)

  • The Official Reports/Transcript signed and stamped by the Head of School
  • The Transfer Letter signed and stamped by the Admissions Manager
  • The Official Transcript and Transfer Letter sealed in an ARIS envelope
  • Completed Transcript and Transfer Letter submitted to the Administration
  • Administration arrange collection of the documents with the Parent/Guardian


STEP 5     iSAMS/ManageBac Update (Pupil Manager Section)

  • Alumnus’s (or alumna) records archived in iSAMS (a School Management Software)
  • Records include the reason for the student’s leaving, his or her departure date, semester and school year, the last year group of enrolment, transcript, recommendations and references and, finally, the future educational institution or employer (if known)
  • The paper copies of the student’s file, medical and financial records are archived for 5 years, then scanned into digital format for permanent storage on a secure database
  • At the discretion of the Head of School, alumni/alumnae may be granted read-only access to their personal records.


Student EXIT 2020

Student EXIT 2020

Leaving Semester
Head of School (To be completed by the Head of School). In relation to the above-named student, the following should be on record: